Tuition Fees

Tuition Fee Costs

Tuition Fee Costs

Prospective students can find the cost of tuition fees for the first year of study by referring to the Fees and Funding section on our course pages.

Tuition fees will normally be charged for a full academic year and include the costs of:

  • matriculation
  • registration
  • tuition (or supervision)
  • library access
  • examination
  • re-examination
  • graduation

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis and can increase per academic year.

If you withdraw from your studies and your last date of registration is within the first 14 days of the academic year, you will not be charged tuition fees for the academic year.

Newcastle University Alumni

Newcastle Alumni may be eligible for a discount from their fees. Further details may be found on the following pages:

Alumni students undertaking undergraduate study

Alumni students undertaking postgraduate study